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Sunday, March 09, 2008

77: A place in the sun - special?

It is with some relief and slight disappointment that I have to report that I am not going to be taking part in a Channel4 programme. Having spoken at length with the producer/director a couple of weeks ago I was all set to be filmed as I arrived at St P's International and had it in mind that perhaps they would stand me a glass or two of champers in that grotty long bar. I wonder if they realised that I have recently received my Carte Blanche from those lovely Eurostar people? I now have access to Le Salon - the business class lounge - where it was almost too embarrassing to help myself to the drinks and snacks made freely available. I am sure I will get over that and plunge in!

I really didn't get the premise of the programme though. How interesting would 30 minutes dedicated to people who travel from France back to London on Eurostar be? I suppose they really wanted an angle and I don't really have anything that fascinating to say... I was in any case beginning to wonder what the quid pro quo would be. It all seemed a bit one way.

Anyhow, apparently they found someone who does the commute more regularly and who lives in the Pas de Calais. I have my suspicions that they confused PdeC with Calais itself. They hadn't done much homework because they didn't know there are no season tickets available on Eurostar and that the train only stops twice a day at Calais making travelling from that station tricky.

Still, on reflection, I realise that there is nothing more popular these days than being a voyeur into someone else's life - why else would anyone want to read this blog? - but there wouldn't have been much substance in the programme. I shall be looking out for it with interest nevertheless, though we cannot, as yet, receive Channel4 via our satellite. Roll on FreeSat!!!

76: Let there be light!

Progress has been made at Chateau Newman-Legros and, all of it, during my absence in London! Our kitchen hitherto slightly cave-like is now receiving shafts of daylight which give it a completely different atmosphere and will save on electric bills too. The picture alongside shows light cascading into the room, just the start of the transformation as we have yet to dismantle the false ceiling and allow the light to come directly in. The skylight - 1m x 2m - forms part of the new roof above the kitchen which was previously covered with corrugated cement/asbestos sheeting somewhat worse for wear. Now we have spanking new rather industrial double skinned insulated steel sheets. If you say it quickly enough it could almost pass for traditional hand-baked terracotta tiles...

On the first floor the beginning or even the middlings of a bathroom which which pertains to our bedroom. We spent time yesterday perusing tiles and debating where the tiling should end and whether we could match two types. Such is the excitement of home improvement. Looks as if we shall be opting for mosaic in blue or green or blue-green with, perhaps some old-fashioned bevelled white oblong tiles.

Now if only the recent £50 premium bond win had had a couple more 000s!