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Sunday, June 08, 2008

80: Much ado about nothing or is it?

Almost two months since I put finger to keyboard - how did that happen? So much to comment on and so little to say I s'pose. Boris is now mayor and nothing untoward has, so far, happened, Hillary Clinton has conceded the Democratic candidacy in the US, SuperSarko has seen his star start a slow rise in the opinion polls and Gordon continues to shuffle along seemingly at a loss as to what to do. By the time I get round to writing my next entry will the price of oil have gone up so much that we will have effectively been forced to reduce our personal carbon footprints? With figures being bandied around about a premium to be paid on transatlantic flighs I begin to wonder if the idea of a long weekend to New York New York is something that will soon become a distant dream rather than the real possibility it once was. Perhaps that was just a moment in time. Indeed looking for a flight to the Canaries for December I noted that the tax alone for indirect flights from Paris was 177€.

Enough of the politics! I am well into the second month of relative inactivity since my contract with Better Bankside ended. Partly self enforced with various excuses and partly because I haven't really done much about looking for another contract. There has been a minor step forward in that there now exists a "micro" site dedicated to the working me! Check out the Newman-Legros Solutions page. There are possibilities in the pipeline but so far nothing concrete.

One of the brightest moments recently came during the visit of Ange and Pat when we took in the Sex And The City movie. I realise that some might be shocked or maybe just surprised at my predilection for such fluff but I am a SATC addict and have the complete boxed set of all 94 - count 'em - episodes. Actually my sister still has some of them on loan. Despite some of the less than enthusiastic reviews this is a FUN film and an escape from the mundane. Indeed the cost of getting to the actual place becoming increasingly prohibitive perhaps we will be reduced to watching old re-runs of Cagney and Lacey and I am already looking forward to owning SATC on DVD.

So what's coming up? A trip to London during which time we celebrate Angela's Freedom Pass. We hope to see The Common Pursuit at the Menier Chocolate Factory whilst in town. There are any number of reasons for seeing the play not least because Nigel Harman is in it. Then later in the month we are in Lippstadt, the town of my birth some 48 years ago. I hope to take advantage of our stay by buying, not Manolos, new Birkenstocks, another bottle of essig essenz and some 4711. I know how to live...