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Monday, December 07, 2009

Merry Madalenas

Food and drink that tastes great on holiday often just doesn't have the same impact when taken home and thus out of its true context. Whether it's the local plonk or distillation drunk over ice or something delicious eaten al fresco next to the sea under a flapping awning , it almost certainly won't have the same intensity of flavour when you are seated at your own table with the doors firmly closed and the heating cranked up. The result is often a disappointment and diminished delight.

So, we don't even give a moment's thought to savouring this treat anywhere but in the sun and on our own terrace with a view of the sea and the bluest of skies: Madalenas with Whisky Cream Liqueur.

One or two madeleines per person arranged on a small plate.
One bottle of Bailey's or local - cheaper - equivalent
Tea for all

There are two techniques.
1. Break the cakes up and pour over a generous serving of "sauce".
2. Scoop out a well in the cake(s) and fill with the liqueur until the sponge is saturated and a small puddle of said liquid appears on the plate.

After a tiring day spent reading around the pool, interrupted only by lunch, this is the perfect late afternoon treat which combines the British penchant for tea and the Spanish sponge cake as the perfect foil for the creamy alcohol. The sun may not be quite over the yardarm but we are on holiday and this trifle-like confection is an acceptable holiday treat.